Devils Turn Out in Style for the Oktoberfest Social and Highland Games!!

September 29, 2020
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The Devils have had an epic few weeks, kicking off with our first ever Oktoberfest Social at the China World Summit Wing. On debut, social secretary Sotiris Stasinopoulos did an awesome job of arranging supported by Steve, Lajos and Erica. No steins were empty and tonnes of heads were sore across Beijing the next day. Stay tuned as we gear up for our next big session after the October holiday!


The Devils also turned out in style for the 2020 Highland Games. Congratulations to OmarAshley, Leah and Poese who were part of the team that took home the tug of war crown! Once again, Steve pulled off an awesome event.

See you all at training on Wednesday as we gear up for our return to 15s rugby post October holiday!

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